Top 10 Principles For A Healthy Life

Healthy Life Principles

In our fast-paced and demanding world, maintaining a healthy life has become a paramount goal for many individuals.

While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for well-being, certain principles can guide us toward a healthier and more fulfilling life.

These principles encompass physical, mental and emotional well-being and I believe they create health for anyone.

Think about it like this, you can eat the most nutritious diet of whole foods and an abundance of nutrients but if you are drowning in stress, will you be the healthiest you can be?

My Healthy Life Principles are in arms reach and will enrich your life immediately, so read on..


Top 10 Principles


It is well known that if you are chronically sleep-impaired, you don’t typically enjoy long, vital, vibrant and energetic lives.  Luckily, practicing sleep hygiene habits daily can improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

But first, be open to what your body is asking for in terms of optimal rest, listen to the signals and take action.  Sleep hygiene takes time and practice but you won’t take long to reap the benefits.

Try these:

Go to bed when you feel sleepy, not after you’ve started dozing, eliminate full spectrum light (emails, TV, phones) 1-2 hours before bedtime.

Avoid paying bills, reading the News or engaging in a family debate – these will affect your sleep later on.

Let your brain know it’s time to sleep, wind down with a book or a bath and avoid caffeine, your body can still be processing the effects late into the evening.


We were all 4-years old at one-point and viewed the world as giant playground. Life tends to become a little more worrisome and serious as we age.

Working as many hours as possible and never getting to the end our our to-do-list will not reward us. In fact it can do the opposite and leave us thinking we have achieved nothing of value.

How about creating a ‘play to-do-list’ that becomes essentially just as important, (if not more important), than the work one?

Savour life. Laugh. Play. Relax. Have Fun.

Look After Your Skin

Think of your skin as a giant mouth, whatever toxins are slathered onto the skin, will absorb into circulation.  We really shouldn’t put on our skin, what we are not willing to put in our mouth! food for thought…

Start from scratch with choosing your beauty and personal hygiene products with this truth in mind.  Fragrance from sprays, fabric softener, tumble dryer sheets will only add to the burden on the body.

Consider your household products too – can you find more organic and healthier replacements? The Think Dirty App is great for helping you to select better options.

Eat Real Food – Not ‘Edible Food Like Substances’

If you fuel your car with bad quality fuel, it won’t run efficiently – it’s the same with our bodies.  Our body is our vessel for a healthy, long life so why settle for anything less when we are fuelling it?

Eat like your Grandmother would have 100 years ago, at least 80-90% of the time.  Choose whole, natural, unrefined foods and drinks.  Eat vegetables, proteins, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Avoid chemicals, colours, preservatives, hormones, toxins and cheap ingredients that you can’t pronounce – these are ultra-processed-edible-foods that have no benefit.

Fuel your body to give you energy (physical & mental), clear skin, smooth digestion, resilient emotions and a good sex drive.

Get Fresh Air, Every Day

Indoor air can becoming toxic from chemicals inside our homes – artificial scents like sprays and air fresheners, chemicals from textiles and other artificial substances.

Open the windows in your home to let the air circulate, even in the cooler months.  Inhaled toxicity is a thing!

Having a quick 5/10 minute walk at lunch time can benefit you by activating your parasympathetic nervous system, which will allow digestion, healing and relaxation.

Don’t forget the Vitamin D boost you’ll get from the sunshine to support your immune health!☀️

When you are walking, take in some deep and mindful belly breaths and allow exhales to be long and slow and through the nostrils. Remember to leave your phone behind!


Eat As Much Organic Food As You Can

A large amount of fresh produce is laden with chemicals and herbicides which are detrimental to our hormones.  They are known as ‘endocrine-disrupting agents’ which can increase the rate of oestrogen mediated illnesses and disease.

Organic foods are not always accessible so a vegetable box from a local organic supplier is a good alternative.  Plus if you choose a random box, you might try something new which your gut bacteria will love.

At the very least, use the ‘Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen shopping priorities which is revised annually by the Environmental Working Group (

Drink Plenty Of Plain, Clean Water, Every Day

Staying hydrated is crucial for energy, digestion and to move crucial nutrients around the body. Look to drink 8 large glasses of filtered water each day.

The quality and storage of water is just as important as how much you drink.  You can test water to see if it contains chlorine and fluoride but at the very least, invest in a water filter.

Plastic bottles tend to leach chemicals into your drink, so always opt for a glass or stainless steel water bottle.

Mindful Eating

This is the only part of voluntary digestion that we are in control of.  When we chew well we secrete digestive enzymes that will help break down food and help us to absorb essential nutrients.

Grabbing a sarnie on the run or eating quickly whilst distracted can cause unnecessary bloating, post meal fatigue and cause overeating.

This is a simple and underestimated health principle that will help you to foster a healthier relationship with food and encourage mindful choices.

Ditch meal time distractions, chew your food until it’s practically a liquid and slow down around eating.

Foods made with refined grain flours should be in your 10-20% diet, not the 80%

We have a true epidemic of insulin resistance which is leading to more Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes.  Progression of these can be exacerbated by what foods we are consuming.

There is a big focus on a reduction of sugars, but refined grains can also act very similar in the body and impact blood sugar control.

Look at your kitchen staples and swap them up for a more nutrient dense alternative. Swap in white flour for wholemeal, buckwheat or rye. Change white bread, white pasta and white rice for brown, whole grain options.

It’s those simple swaps that will make the biggest difference.

Be a Part Of Something Wonderful That Is Larger Than You

What inspires you to the core? Choose something that is powerful and helps you to feel gratitude, useful and part of life’s larger perfection.

Not sure where to start? Consider practicing Gratitude Journalling, it’s easy to do.  Just spend 5-10 minutes every morning or night writing down three things you are grateful for in that moment.

Try and focus on something that details a feeling from deep within you that creates a feeling of appreciation, rather than a general event or anything job or family related, .

Perhaps a supportive friend who has been there for you or a memorable experience that has brought you joy and happiness!

By writing it down, you will stimulate a biochemical healing power which is impart activating your parasympathetic nervous system response.

I hope you found these useful – any comments? 👇🏻

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